Upcoming Workshop: Paint Your Pet

Upcoming Workshop: Paint Your Pet

Tuesday Aug 6th · 6:30 – 8:30 PM
In this guided workshop with pet portrait artist, Bridget Foster Reed, you will capture that special something that you  love most about your pet—whether it’s the sweet head tilt, soulful eyes or playful prance—using color and form.

This workshop is for artists at all levels. We will be using acrylic paint on watercolor paper. You will email us a photo of the pet you want to portray in the workshop and we will select a color palette based on the photograph that will guide your exploration of color theory.  If you are a beginner and want us to prepare a portrait silhouette for you to work from, we would be happy to prepare that for you.

No experience necessary. The event is 18+ (and 13+ if you are accompanied by a participating adult/parent – this could be a great bonding experience for a parent/teen).

The workshop is $40/per participant (Limited to 12). Register online now.


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