Zoom Art Parties

Zoom Art Parties

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Want to bridge the distance gap and take your virtual face time to a whole new level? Whether its 6ft of social distance or across state lines, our private Zoom Art Parties are a great way to engage in an art activity with a select group of your favorite people.

For kids parties, we will work with you to select a theme and an age appropriate project that is exciting and novel. We’ll procure the materials and put the art kits together with everything a little artist will need to participate in our open ended art invitation. We also provide shipping or local delivery (in Charlestown) for an additional fee.

We also host adult art parties (ladies nights in, family activities, couples paint nights, etc.) and provide the full range of services from concept to execution.

A healthy lead time is about 4-6 weeks to plan a party. You can contact us聽at hello@essemartstudio.com for more information and to discuss the scope of your ideas.

馃寛 Let us help you celebrate your special occasion with joy and art!


Newly Minted Toddler Art Box

Newly Minted Toddler Art Box

art box
Purchase Art Box $79


Newly minted toddlers are curious and ready to explore. Our Art Box for your newly minted toddlers contains great materials for exploring with your tiny artist – egg shaped (break free) crayons, drawing pad, fun colored papers perfect for cut and collage projects, and super fun crafting materials.

This Art Box includes one month Essem Insider access, which includes toddler specific projects and ideas for you to explore with your little artist!



Essem Budding Artist Box (3+)

Essem Budding Artist Box (3+)

art box
Purchase Art Box $119


Use Discount Code 2NDARTBOX for $40 off a second/sibling Art Box!

Let us help you save time and gain peace of mind with our carefully curated Essem Budding Artist Box. This Art Box contains a wide variety of our favorite “go to” art supplies for artists 3+. The possibilities for creativity and self expression are endless with this box of curated materials – Paint sticks, Watercolor, Scissors, Glue, Tempera Paints, mixed media paper, water soluble color pencils, a sampling of super fun craft materials and more!

These boxes are carefully and lovingly curated. Limited Supply available.

Includes one month pass to ESSEM INSIDER and enjoy unlimited access to our growing virtual Art Vault for projects to do at home AND you will enjoy INSIDER discounts to our live virtual events.



Essem Art Club

Essem Art Club

Virtual Art Lab community home activities

(ages 3+) Tuesday and Saturdays, every other week via ZOOM.
Drop-in Fee: $15/ per family | ESSEM INSIDERS: FREE

Gather your art/craft materials and join us for some creative fun. We encourage artists to get creative and use the materials available at home! Let’s explore contemporary styles of art and creative expression; experiment in different art styles, and cultivate creative confidence through open discussions and promoting mindfulness and healthy creative habit.

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Morning Music + Art Lab

Morning Music + Art Lab

Virtual Art Lab art labs creative play home activities music

(Ages: 2+) Monday and Friday mornings,聽every other week聽via ZOOM.
Upcoming dates:聽Mondays (Feb 1, 15, Mar 1, 15) | Fridays (Feb 12, 26, Mar 12, 26)
ESSEM INSIDERS (free) | Drop-ins ($15)

Our Music + Art series is a live virtual program on ZOOM featuring a fun singalong of classic/original kids music followed by a colorful and engaging art project. The main aim is to help little artists start building creative confidence and develop fine motor skills.

Click to register via Eventbrite for your preferred events.

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Butterfly Colorsheet

Butterfly Colorsheet

Virtual Art Lab art labs

Butterfly Week was the first theme of our Art + Explore Minicamp and in addition to creating amazing Cardboard Butterfly Puppets, our budding artists learned about the anatomy of a butterfly using a coloring sheet we digitally designed. We’re inviting you to take part int he fun by printing these color sheets at home and sharing this activity with your little ones. For best results with regular printing paper, you can use crayons, color pencils, and markers. If you are printing on a toothier, textured paper, you can explore paints and watercolors as well.

Also included is an outline of the butterfly’s basic anatomy so you can have a mini lesson included in your art project! Simply click on the image to download, print, and have fun! 馃檪

Anatomy of a Butterfly:



Summer Art + Explore 路 Virtual Minicamp

Summer Art + Explore 路 Virtual Minicamp

MINI MAKER CAMP Virtual Art Lab art labs


Six Weeks ft. Weekly Summer Themes聽 路

14 Self-Paced Art Projects and Creative Prompts

Enrollment is now closed.聽

Essem’s Art + Explore program is a six-week exploration of summer themes. Each week will feature one main art/craft project and we’ve sprinkled in a few bonus mini project, creative prompts, or activities. The guided art labs are hosted on teachable and are self-paced. Our goal is minimal screen time (less than 30 minutes each week). Each little artist will receive a special Art Box with *all the supplies they will need to participate in each project. These projects are a really great way to creatively engage with your little artists (age 3-6) or stimulate your bigger kids (6+) with more independent art and craft explorations.

Our weekly themes invite each little artist to explore before participating in the guided art project. Each project has been thoughtfully created and curated to spark joy and inspire creativity so your little ones will enjoy the process and want to boast out loud, “I made that.” The weekly themes were chosen to especially delight young artists and each week will feature a different art/craft process or medium:

  • Bubbles 路 Artist Style: Jackson Pollack
  • Butterflies 路 Cardboard Puppet Creation
  • Flowers & Trees 路 Painting + Drawing
  • Waterfront 路 Cut + Collage
  • Bees 路 Coil Clay Hive Creation
  • Summer Sweet Treats 路 Mixed Media Project

Suggested age: 3+ with adult assistance, 6+ for adult supervision.


We are so excited to share this magical experience with you and your budding artists. Limited Art Boxes and Enrollment (60)



How it Works

First, you Enroll/Register your little artist(s) for the program by July 18th.

During the week of July 20th, you can pick up for your Art Boxes at the studio, opt into doorstep delivery (Charlestown families only), or we can ship anywhere in the U.S.

Every Sunday evening, starting July 26th (for six weeks) we will send you an email introducing the weekly theme, adult guides, and links to all projects associated with it on teachable. These project and classes be completed at your own pace.聽Please note: This is a seasonal 6-week program and will be accessible through the end of September to permit extra time to complete the projects.

*Art boxes will not contain scissors and common household items such as salt, cardboard, etc.



鈰 Frequently Asked Questions聽鈰

My little one is not 3 yet, can they still participate? At the studio, we have definitely had the privilege of working with some very precocious toddlers who have a longer attention span than their older classmates. Trust your parental judgement and knowledge of your little one’s disposition. All little artists under 6 years of age will likely need adult assistance. The younger your little one, the greater you should expect your involvement to be. That said, we have had super engaged 18 month olds in our studio complete similar projects successfully (and very joyfully) with adult assistance (of course!)聽

Is my child too old to participate?聽Never too old in my personal opinion. The mediums, concepts, processes that we are introducing are ones that mature artists spend their lifetimes mastering, crafting, and creating. While a lot of the concepts are designed for young artists to easily comprehend, they are by no means skills or experiences you can age out of. As an adult, my favorite part of what I do, is constantly exploring, experimenting, and creating. So, short answer, no. Your child is not too old to participate. 馃檪


Superhero (Under A Mask)

Superhero (Under A Mask)

collaborations community music

Ack, I am so super excited to finally get to share this final music video of my original song, SUPERHERO (Under A Mask) created for the Punto Art Museum and the North Shore CDC to help raise awareness around vital public safety information, through art and music, more equitably to low income, immigrant, and minority neighborhoods.聽@urban.art.museum@northshorecdc

馃挮 HUGE THANK YOU to my two super talented friends, Masataka (Piano/Strings) and Jonathan Ulman (Percussion) for making this happen in quarantine and on such a short timeline. Your musical contributions really bring the song to a whole new level. Light and love to you both,聽@masa_keys@jmudrums聽馃寛鈾ワ笍馃尀

馃 Recording and producing the song and video in quarantine with limited equipment and experience was a rewarding challenge that was made infinitely sweeter by the fact that I got to record with my sweet little pumpkin. My heart melts. 馃挄馃槶

路 路 路 路 路 路 路 路 路

“Superhero (Under a Mask)”, a song written by Sophia Moon (Essem Art Studio) imbues virtue and goodness into the small act of wearing one鈥檚 mask during this Pandemic. Small kids, especially, find the act uncomfortable and annoying at best, so Sophia’s goal with this project was to inspire the noble and heroic inclination in us all. Credit line: Sophia Moon (singer-songwriter/ ukulele) Masataka Yamamoto (piano/strings) Jonathan Ulman (percussion) Ariana Sophia Crowson (background vocals, feature)

To download or share the song, click the download icon below.