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Dear Studio Families,

We hope this message finds you all healthy, happy, and well (in mind, body, and spirit). As much as we absolutely adore creating with your little artists every week, and how happily we embrace the messy, beautiful, chaos that is the creative process, it is impossible to make light of the messy chaos that threatens the health of our community. With a heart full of love, we are announcing that, for the safety and health of everyone in our community, we will be pausing programming at the studio until further notice. Our current Winter II Session will move to a virtual platform. Please click here to see how this will effect any program you are signed up for.

Virtual Hugs, Sophia


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Hello there! At Essem, we believe that, at any age, creative play and exploration helps us uncover creative inclinations that help us solve problems, manage stress, communicate better, and simply be happier. Our mission is to spark joy and inspire creativity in our community.

To that end, we hosts Kids Music/Art Labs, Private Parties & Playdates, (Kid/Family) Friendly Art Shows, Creative Workshops; and we collaborate with likeminded, heart-forward individuals and businesses to bring art and joy to our community.

In addition to explorations in color and texture through paint/mediums, some of our favorite studio projects include using upcycled materials (cardboard, plastic, bottles, cartons, etc) and goodies foraged from nature (leaves, pinecones, twigs, rocks, acorns, etc). We also dabble in Clay Play; Printmaking; Free-form Sculptures; and thoughtfully honed crafts to expand the imagination and empower artists and makers of all ages to make creative decisions. 

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  • Essem Art Studio is officially a staple in my daughter’s weekly routine. Sophia is truly passionate about working with and teaching each little artist during her art labs. My daughter has grown socially and creatively from her time at Essem. The work space and one on one attention each child gets is amazing! I highly recommend Essem and Sophia!

    -S.R. (Studio Dad)
  • Essem Art (and Sophia) has been the most wonderful addition to our great Charlestown community. Our daughter first visited the studio when she was about 18 months old. She is so proud to come home and show us the art she has created! Sophia switches up the projects all the time which keeps it new and refreshing for kids of all ages. Everything about Essem is warm, welcoming and fosters creativity.

    E.F.B (Studio Mom)
  • Essem Art Studio is a dream come true for creators, thinkers, makers and doers. Sophia is not only incredibly talented but she is a natural teacher and role model for children. She has created a nurturing and imaginative space where anyone can express themselves through art. My six year old son recently participated in the studio's Mini Art + Maker Workshop. He loved every minute of it. He can often feel rushed in school or other classes but the design of this workshop allowed for him to create without time constraints. As a parent I not only loved seeing what he made but it was incredible to hear all about the techniques he learned. More than an just an art class - Sophia has succeeded in making a space where children come alive with ideas. Isn't that every parent's dream!? Thank you Sophia for

    J.P (Studio Mom)

For more information, to book your art party, or to plan a private play date email us.

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Essem Art Studio

Charlestown Commerce Center | Building 2
50 Terminal Street Suite #318
Charlestown, MA 02129

Contact: Sophia Moon
tel: (617) 767-1020
email: hello@essemartstudio.com