⋒ Music+Art Labs ⋒

⋒ Music+Art Labs ⋒

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Music + Art Labs combine interactive singalong, movement, story time, and a super creative art project for little artists (1.5 – 4.5). This combined approach affords focus and flexibility and creates opportunities for the little artists to get involved in creative play and exploration. Little artists will explore a variety of mediums, have rich sensory experiences, and learn to make marks and small creative decisions. Art Activities will occasionally incorporate lessons in letter, number, and color recognition in a loose and fun way and kids get valuable socialization time.

For all Art Labs, we explore age/level appropriate mediums through guided activities and graduate to more complex mediums over time. All kids must be accompanied by an adult (adult to kid ration must be 1:2).

Private Play Dates · If the available Art Labs don’t work with your schedule, families can coordinate to have private art play dates with their little ones. The minimum number of participating children is 6 and we can accommodate a wide range of ages.

Check out of some of our favorite studio projects below!


 Cardboard Avatars  (Self Portraits)

Pumpkin Painting + Decoupage (Halloween)


Cheerful Christmas Trees




Itza Pizza Party


Frosty Ornaments




⋒ Zume’s Art Exhibit: Kids of Charlestown ⋒

⋒ Zume’s Art Exhibit: Kids of Charlestown ⋒

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We are super excited to partner with local hot spot, Zume’s Coffee House (Main Street; Charlestown) and Savvy Sitter Boston to bring a community art experience to the kids of Charlestown. Zume’s walls, usually adorned with the gorgeous canvases of rising local artists, will be dedicated to featuring the art work of Charlestown kids during the months of July, August, and September.

The summer themed art project—abstract florals—will be painted at Essem Art Studio during dedicated Art Lab sessions under the guidance of Charlestown resident and abstract artist, Sophia Moon throughout the month of June. Moon has been hosting Art Labs in her studio since last September, providing kids (and their parents) the opportunity for creative play and exploration. Savvy Sitter Boston—in the service of providing local, dependable, trustworthy and fun babysitters—will assist in facilitating the Art Labs.

The nominal fee to participate will be $5 per child. The fee will reserve a spot for each child in a dedicated Art Lab (typically $25/ per child). The canvases, paint, supplies, and hours of labor to bring the show together are being donated by the women behind the three local businesses – Debra Ball (Zume’s), Lauren Kuruc (Savvy Sitter Boston), and Sophia Moon (Essem Art Studio).

Registration is simple. Choose the date/time below and purchase a session for each child you wish you register.

June 8 | 9:30 am
June 22 | 9:30 am
June 22 | 10 am

*If the above times don’t work for you, you can schedule a private playdate to participate in this community art project with your fellow Charlestown family friends, please email us and we can schedule something. (Minimum 4 kids for a private art playdate)

Art Labs at Allo ★

Art Labs at Allo ★

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In May and June, Essem Art Labs, run by yours truly (Sophia Moon) were hosted at Allo Playspace in the Navy Yard every other Wednesday at 10am. It was super fun to meet new little friends. We love the staff over at Allo Boston and look forward to future collaborations!




new studio space  ♥

new studio space ♥


Yay! We’re moved into our cozy, new studio space. Same building (Charlestown Commerce Center). We are now in unit #318. The space is perfect for private art playdates with your favorite mommy/kid(s) so contact us if you’re interested in booking an hour of laid back fun and art exploration.